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If possible, the exposed areas should be covered with plastic wrap or foil--not to form a seal as in the case of chest wounds but to retard the drying of exposed internal tissue.
Gary Quitadamo said police were called to the Fruit Street address about 6:20 for an altercation and found the victim with a significant single chest wound.
The first man was treated for a chest wound, the second for a broken arm and the third for facial injuries.
Wayne Martin Reid, aged 44, suffered a fatal chest wound in an incident at Rye Hill Prison near Rugby, on Wednesday evening.
An animal dies acutely from a chest wound in one of two ways: hemorrhage (loss of blood) and asphyxiation.
Ilya Waisman, the 36-year-old financial director of the Baltica beer company, died of a chest wound.
Hiss' pathological report which stated that Yitzhak Rabin suffered no damage to his spinal cord, nor was wounded by a frontal chest wound.
A MERSEYSIDE moggy who was left with a fractured leg and gaping chest wound after a vicious dog attack is up for a national pet survivor award.
Detectives arrested a woman, 25, on suspicion of murder after victim Rhyan Wilson, 18, died of a chest wound shortly after he was taken to hospital.
Hejazi, who is seen in the now-famous video trying in vain to save the 26-year-old woman by compressing her terrible chest wound, risked his life to talk to the BBC.
The 57-year-old man was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center with a chest wound.