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The chest wound was a serious injury and he was suffering from shock.
The 49-year-old, who was treated for a chest wound, was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder.
Gary Quitadamo said police were called to the Fruit Street address about 6:20 for an altercation and found the victim with a significant single chest wound.
Keith John Weightman, 48, of St Cuthbert's Drive, Felling, Gateshead, was found with a chest wound at the back of Crowhall Lane, Felling, around 9.
The chest wound proved fatal and by the time paramedics arrived he was pretty well unconscious.
Emmons died on January 6, 2000 from a deep chest wound.
The victim, who suffered a chest wound, was with two friends when he was attacked shortly before 3pm yesterday during an argument with a man and a woman who had approached the group.
Officers later found Vincent Gary Clark, 40, resting on a nearby porch with a chest wound.
On Wednesday, Craig Mirfield, 34, died from a chest wound after being hit in his car in the Gipton area.
Deborah, the vessel's second officer, was taken to hospital in the port of Santos suffering from a chest wound.
The student, of Billesley, Birmingham, stumbled 20 yards before collapsing with a chest wound.
It was only by chance that a major chest wound was avoided.