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Then, just as Mason was preparing to come back on, Mose were turned over on their 22-metre line, Calder sneaked past Ryan Glynn, Grove appeared on his shoulder and Chevvy Pennycook took the centre's flip-up over by the posts.
And even at 20-18 up they were beginning to irk the official, who waved the yellow card he'd shown Neil Mason in the first period in Greg King's direction after a 'tiptackle' on former Moseley man - and scorer of the visitors' second try - Chevvy Pennycook.
Chevvy Pennycook (flanker) Of all the ex-Moseley foursome Pennycook has made most impact for the Exiles.
Now and then I drop a text to Chevvy Pennycook and I've been trying to get in touch with Andy Borgen for God knows how long and for love nor money can't trace him.
Course records don't come much better than that of Denny Hamlin, who has averaged a finish on the podium in four tries, while the impressive results of Chevrolet drivers in last year's event - they filled 11 of the top 13 places - suggests you might want a Chevvy man on your side and if so Jimmie Johnson, who qualified in second, could be a smart choice.
After that I plan to do the Chevvy Chase on July 1.
Work chums Skid, Maddie and Chevvy work in the yard, but their cosy world is threatened when slimy Mr Spyker tries to trick Boss Harker into selling the yard so he can concrete over it and build a distribution centre.
So when GM decided we Brits should be able to walk into a Vauxhall sub-dealership and buy a Cadillac, Corvette or Chevvy everyone ran the other way.
FORGET getting your kicks on Route 66, cruising in your Chevvy while soaking up all the sounds in FM heaven.
All of which meant it was a genuine shock when he opted to leave just days after the end of the 2012-13 campaign, not least because he joined Chevvy Pennycook, Paul Spivey and Colin Quigley in coming to the same conclusion.
Whatever time they kick off Moseley just don't start well here and so it was again as their former players Chevvy Pennycook, Andy Reay and Colin Quigley all had a hand either in Gerard Mullen's try or the two James Love penalties.