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CRUNCH: Sam Wilkes tackles Paul Spivey and Chevvy Pennycook.
He has come in, he has hit him and Chevvy has gone over the top of him and he has milked it.
8 shirt and shunting Chevvy Pennycook from arguably his best position, the feeling was the youngster still had a very long way to go.
7 shirt after a couple of years waiting behind Chevvy Pennycook and Pons believes he has benefitted from going to Kenya and Uganda during the off-season.
The first volume electric cars were launched in the form of the Chevvy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, and these dominated the headlines at the major auto shows.
Course records don't come much better than that of Denny Hamlin, who has averaged a finish on the podium in four tries, while the impressive results of Chevrolet drivers in last year's event - they filled 11 of the top 13 places - suggests you might want a Chevvy man on your side and if so Jimmie Johnson, who qualified in second, could be a smart choice.
After that I plan to do the Chevvy Chase on July 1.
This would be no bad thing, as Daewoos are now better than their name suggests, and it is expected that the first model to benefit from the upmarket Chevvy badge will be the next generation of Matiz.
So when GM decided we Brits should be able to walk into a Vauxhall sub-dealership and buy a Cadillac, Corvette or Chevvy everyone ran the other way.
FORGET getting your kicks on Route 66, cruising in your Chevvy while soaking up all the sounds in FM heaven.
With Andy Reay, Chevvy Pennycook, Paul Spivey and Colin Quigley in their side they will understand exactly how to get up and down the Billesley slope.