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to know how to interpret probabilities associated with the chi-square test.
In order to test whether there is a relationship between the size of firm, the amount of experience and education an estate surveyor and valuer has and their perception on the clients' influencing factors, the estate surveyors and valuers' questionnaire responses were further analysed using Chi-square tests.
A chi-square test revealed that self-modeling and self-efficacy are not independent of each other.
Comparisons of the above criteria were then made between Group 1 and Group 2 using chi-square test or Fischer's exact test where applicable.
The chi-square test for ethnicity and career choice goals was significant ([chi square] = 119.
Our small study was able to verify that a 100-cell differential allows for a wide range of values and that using the chi-square test helps to produce manual differential results that are statistically equal to an automated standard.
The light shading indicates that the chi-square test statistic rejects stability at the asymptotic 10% critical value (2.
Our statistical methods included a chi-square test of heterogeneity using a contingency table to assess and compare prey selection by size classes.
This ambiguous result of the chi-square test is likely due to an insufficient number of observations.
A chi-square test is statistically significant at the .
If multiple admissions are possible, a modified chi-square test can be used to account for the excess variability due to multiple admissions.
An interferential statistical tool like chi-square test was used.