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There were a number of crashes, with Hector Barbera coming off worst in his encounter with Jack Miller at the chicane on lap one as he was taken from the track on a stretcher, although he was conscious and appeared to be unharmed.
That forced him down the escape road through the chicane, losing around 1.
The county council proposed 75mm high speed cushions and creation of a priority chicane.
The experience of working with Rolls-Royce's world-class designers to create the beautifully executed Chicane Phantom Coupe was exhilarating.
Rolls-Royce, a subsidiary of BMW AG (Xetra:BMW), has unveiled a new Chicane Phantom Coupe.
On the first occasion Perez tried a repeat manoeuvre on Raikkonen ending with both men swerving to avoid one another and cutting across the chicane.
He had slowed into the last chicane as a group of cars tried to reach the start line for their crucial final lap before time ran out in qualifying.
The chicane is probably the worst corner I've ever driven in F1," The Sun quoted Hamilton, as saying.
New for 2010 is a specially-designed chicane on the Hillside Road before the first bend of the course after the start/finish area.
The Moroccan driver was punished for cutting a chicane and gaining an unfair advantage, with stewards imposing a 30-second time penalty shortly after the end of the race.
The road has been taken from two lanes each way, to one lane each way, with a stupid chicane effect, plus road narrowing, which causes accidents.
The race, which raises money for charity and features a chicane, was held yesterday watched by large crowds.