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John Goldthorpe said it was "wholly ridiculous" to put houses at the narrowest point in the village and highlighted at least four other crashes nearby, including one at the chicane last August.
He had slowed into the last chicane as a group of cars tried to reach the start line for their crucial final lap before time ran out in qualifying.
The chicane is probably the worst corner I've ever driven in F1," The Sun quoted Hamilton, as saying.
Qualifying second on the grid behind his bamboo-engineering team-mate Darryl O'Young, Vaulkhard enjoyed a clean race, one which saw several cars crash out or cut the chicane.
Will somebody remove the bumps, chicanes and road narrowing?
In and out: Michele DeHavilland the Shells' through the chicane.
I thought there would be more people," said Emirati Nlwal Alapameemi, 22, who was waiting for Chicane.
The Spaniard is worried cars may suffer damage at a tight chicane on Turn 10 on the Marina Bay street circuit, which hosts the first night race in Formula One history.
Hamilton finished first at Spa this month but was docked 25 seconds and dropped to third place for cutting a chicane.
British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, received a 25-second time penalty for cutting a chicane during this year's Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.
1949: The Club chicane is removed, and the circuit is transformed into the2.