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Cyber chicanery is not a new phenomenon and there is no excuse for this kind of voluntary victimisation, especially when lured by promises of a scholarship for a university degree that requires no exams or attending classes.
IT started with a racial comment That provided the hypothetical cement The first brick was provided By a bigot who gave vent Aided by ill-informed comments By the usual unknown source The wall it slowly grew and grew Bricklayer, add another course As for the pointing and jointing That was easy to see Provided by a bent politician Who was guilty of chicanery Then there's the religious fanatic Who is blind in both eyes Who although sighted cannot see Brickie here's your wall ties Next we have the evil dictator His bible the gun and mortar Bricklayer you will never run short Here's your hypothetical pail of water The wall is almost finished now Put your trowel away and relax For the biggest prejudicial imposition Was the hated bedroom tax RAY SPOORS, Winlaton
New Delhi, July 15 ( ANI ): Congress leader Manish Tewari on Tuesday charged the Narendra Modi-led Government of practicing an element of chicanery while destroying old files, and also questioned the need for pursuing such an exercise.
Aided by such characters as a cycloptosuarus, a fairy-bat and an army of arachnimammoth-riding bombastadons, they encounter the evil ghorks and triumph over corporate chicanery in an entertaining and original adventure.
Congratulations to the GDN for putting smiles on many Bahraini faces, with its "Tales of the pesky Krajeski," the ambassador who lost his way in the deep dark woods of political chicanery. The chickens have come home to roost, although they are more like ostriches!
Wholly political chicanery in reality it is, to say the least.
A bittersweet coming-of-age tale of tragedy, chicanery, high ideals, harsh realities, and the hard choice between love and family duty, As Flies to Whatless Boys is highly recommended.
Stalking the red headed stranger, or, how to get your songs into the hands of the artists who really matter through show business trickery, underhanded skullduggery, shrewdness, and chicanery...
It is noisy, contentious, full of hand shaking and baby kissing, bribery, rudeness, the dumping of a group voters into a canal, and other chicanery. ("Fizkin's people have got three-and-thirty voters in the lock-up coachhouse at the White Hart ...
The public have seen through the chicanery and no longer bother submitting questions - that may be the reason the public submit many letters to the Evening Gazette.
It is also a story featuring 'rogues and rascals, of subterfuge and chicanery: with duelling, suicide and murder as seasoning' and centring on allegations of horse-doping.
"They think the Iranian people will give in under sanctions and adversitiesC*but the West's problem is that they do not know the Iranian nation and do not know who they are dealing with," Ayatollah Jannati said, addressing a large and fervent congregation of people on Tehran University campus, Ayatollah JannatiElsewhere, Ayatollah Jannati cautioned Iranian officials about the US green light for talks with Iran, and said, "You have forgotten what they (Americans) have done, you think they have changedC* they are the sameC*""When they flash a green light it is [always] chicanery and a scam," Ayatollah Jannati cautioned.