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Everyone wants to be younger and sexier and chicer, and it's all about exposure.
It's so messy, it drips and is a disaster - in the middle it's a lot chicer.
For a chicer shape, for a phone that keeps me safe in the dark.
The chicer side of tarpaulin revealed itself in 2010 in Freitag's seasonal REFERENCE collection: it is like the porcelain 'girl next door' beside the acne-ridden teenager.
Lead by Andrew Redmond, senior head chef at the ICC in Birmingham, and his trusty colleague, head pastry chef Matt Eades, the intense day-long course arms participants with the techniques required to impress pals with canaps chicer than a Jimmy Choo slipper.
Unbranded tap water has suddenly become far chicer and cheaper than bottled water.
Helem (Arabic for dream) demonstrated openly during the massive rallies last year following the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, and in May it commemorated the international day against homophobia with a conference at one of the city's chicer hotels.
The collection will be backstamped Kenneth Cole Reaction For the Home, and some of the patterns will be packaged in less traditional configurations, such as sets of six for the dinnerware and glassware in Chicer By The Dozen, and flatware patterns sold in a six-piece place setting, with a dessert fork accounting for the added digit.