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The chicest - and most famous - way to enjoy a gin cocktail is the dry martini, and The Dorchester has reintroduced The Dorchester Old Tom (PS65, 70cl, www.
With a music career spanning seven years, Kiwi has played at some of the world's chicest venues such as E.
Skip the fussy updo for a fete or formal--the chicest strands are the simple stunners.
Active in a variety of causes, from the arts and education to Republican politics, her most famous legacy may well be Pique-nique sur la Baie, an annual luncheon for New College Library Association that is attended by all the ladies in town, each in her chicest outfit and most elaborate hat.
His beaded dresses with hearts shaped out of mismatched, vintage buttons are Kelly's most famous pieces, an ode to his grandmother's mending methods tacked onto the chicest cut black dresses.
Back in the 1950s and '60s when de la Renta was starting out, the trend wasn't celebrities; every designer who was anyone used an illustration of the chicest, most glamorous woman.
The chicest way to wear the lingerie-inspired slip dress is to keep the style loose - spaghetti straps and bias cuts are tricky enough to handle without throwing bunched-up silk into the mix.
L'Angoor, the chicest new restaurant to open in many years, makes a monkey of the pretentions of people who patronise fine-dining restaurants and drop names (well, if Ferran Adria's celebrated temple of molecular gastronomy, El Bulli, can be named after a breed of French bulldogs, why can't a fashionable restaurant in Gurgaon be inspired by langurs?
She keeps all the chicest and most modern clothes in apartment one, which is decorated in floor to ceiling leopard, and those that are not up to the moment, she keeps them in apartment number two.
It has grown in popularity, since the first one in 2004 and, with last year's phenomenal success, we believe we will be welcoming close to 4,000 guests at this year's party, making it the biggest Grand Prix party ever in Bahrain and it will certainly be the chicest.
What do you get when you put together one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, the fashion world's chicest brand, Italy's stunning Amalfi coast and photographer Mario Testino?