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Campbell's design aesthetic appeals to all generations, and each piece of her exclusive Stein Mart line brings chicness and sophistication to any space.
Name: Stefanie From:Norway Style Crush: Kate Moss Caitlin says: Stefanie perfectly embodies the kind of chicness that seems to come so naturally to the Scadinavians.
Meanwhile, the rumor mill is running rampant with gossip about who is wearing what 6 since attendees are encourage to don designs in the theme of punk, a far cry from the chicness that is high-fashion -- and who is going with whom.
These gorgeous tissue paper poms add a pop of color and chicness this V-Day--and long after.
Fiat 500C About as cute as cars can get, the diminutive Fiat wowed the 2009 show with its electric fold-back roof, general air of chicness and surprising dose of practicality.
And on entering the restaurant we were both pleased to see its external chicness was carried stylishly through to its comfy bar and dining areas.
It was long assumed by those who've run it that its general aura of poshness and chicness would do the job, and that it's so good anyway that all you have to do is draw attention to its existence and racing will sell itself.
Jovani 728, 73888, 73890, and even style 73003 all bring that Metropolis chicness that we associate with bold and forward thinking women.
Secure with an elastic, then pop on a headband to up the boho chicness.
I liked that it was slick, that the lifestyle of the vampires and of the people in the movie is a lifestyle of slickness, of chicness.
Bonifacio : French chicness and Napoleonic history are all crammed into this one medieval Corsican town, perched precariously on the edges of stunningly steep, limestone cliffs.