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We now feel like this is all about propping up her global image and not in our interest," Contactmusic quoted Chide as saying.
That sort of jaded take on things isn't permitted in Estevez's world--in the film's press notes he remarks that "from that moment of June 6, 1968 on, it seemed we became more and more cynical and resigned, and I think it's a big part of why we are where we are culturally today." However, it's hard not to feel resigned when subjected to this film's lame, self-consciously knowing approach to American history--as when Martin Sheen chides Helen Hunt for "buying a painting of a soup can" or when a campaign volunteer makes sure to end his superfluous explanation of how to fill out a ballot with a "prescient" beat about chads.
She laughingly chides him for the rump pressed firmly into her ribs.
He chides this nation on its indifference to its decisions on others--and advocates recognizing and alleviating the growing gap between America and the rest of the world--and shows how.
But, as De Jesus chides, the organization teaches Latino professionals how to join the public sphere, not how to run a political campaign.
Dear Editor, - Philip Bushill-Matthews MEP chides me for suggesting that Ken Clarke as Prime Minister might take us into the Euro (Post, September 13).
When Elijah chides Elisha for hesitation, Elisha sees that his life has come to a fork.
Critiquing the critics, Steinberg chides even the artist for occasionally indulging in trite sexual jokes as if inspired by the commentators' banalities.
Miles chides liberal Christians for ceding Christianity to the religious right, thereby creating the impression that "the lunatic fringe" of fundamentalism represented in popular films is the real thing (110).