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He told us he got irked when Ditingki chided him for unknown reasons.
The rather gloomy vice-president of another firm chided him severely and asserted in a mournful voice that no matter how national and international affairs went, a slight recession was inevitable.
The judge chided the girls for rapping on the door at such a late hour.
This case has attracted five times the media interest that same-sex marriage did," chided Hannaford.
Yaroslavsky chided the irate audience, saying: "Enough of this conspiracy, cabal talk going on in this room and community.
Public health authorities in Westchester County chided local physicians for charging $35 per vaccine (7), and a 29-year-old woman, dressed up as a nurse, vaccinated 500 people with water to impress her "man companion" until she was sent to the Bellevue psychiatric ward for evaluation (8).
Price argued that investors of all stripes need more disclosure and accountability from fund families about their processes, and he chided the industry for using its fee collections not to improve its investing acumen but to bulk up marketing, distribution and promotion of glossy events like golf tournaments.
Part of that came from a colleague of mine who chided me for criticizing those who don't take these programs seriously without offering practical help to those who are struggling to make a program work.
Vaughan chided other alchemists as vulgar who sought merely to transmute metals into gold, thus avoiding alchemy's higher purposes; however, those higher purposes (which he himself sought) included repeated experimentation to reveal the mysteries of nature.
Her classmates chided that she had three strikes against her: being black, being a woman, and being petite.
She frequently chided nations for permitting the spread of the culture of death.
Pressman chided insurers for their slowness in adopting technology beyond the back-office processing chores in which computers have been used for decades.