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Global Banking News-November 29, 2012--Barroso chides European leaders for complacency(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
When a media analyst like Friedman automatically expects someone in the spotlight to be shallow and unforthcoming and even chides them when they're not, you know we've stepped through the looking glass in the infotainment world.
However, it's hard not to feel resigned when subjected to this film's lame, self-consciously knowing approach to American history--as when Martin Sheen chides Helen Hunt for "buying a painting of a soup can" or when a campaign volunteer makes sure to end his superfluous explanation of how to fill out a ballot with a "prescient" beat about chads.
She laughingly chides him for the rump pressed firmly into her ribs.
Our young theologian chides us by saying that "sex between married people is not automatically more sacramental than between two unmarried people.
My husband chides me for allowing our son, who is much lighter than us, to play in the summer sun.
We note that a letter (ECHOLetters,May 7) chides your publication for its lack of coverage on Canada's participation in the Battle.
Critiquing the critics, Steinberg chides even the artist for occasionally indulging in trite sexual jokes as if inspired by the commentators' banalities.
The only consolation for Bush may be that if Al Gore chides him for endorsing discrimination, he can chide Al Gore for hypocrisy in pretending to be a true supporter of religious liberty.
Robert Ornstein's discussion of Shakespearean character, in what might be seen as futile resistance against the tides of contemporary theory, particularly psychoanalytic, rightly chides us that the farther we stray from the play itself, the more we leave behind the very things that continue to attract audiences and scholars to Shakespeare.
When it snows in Nazareth, Joseph chides Jesus for making it happen through prayer.