chief authority

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Irwine is to have the chief authority on the estate--he has consented to undertake that.
recover, they chief authority to assist willie Police Scotland's second-highest ranked officer, Iain Livingstone, has also announced he is to quit the force.
However hard the Prosecution tries to show it is handling impartially the wiretapping case and the opposition "bombs", the special prosecutor and his team will be the chief authority to investigate all the allegations of crime and corruption.
April 4, 2013 (RUMBEK) - Lakes state authorities conducted traditional chief authority elections in Rumbek East County headquarter in Adual on Thursday with four candidates seeking to become chief of Panakurbil section of the Dinka ethnic group.
18 -- A conflict between the Board of Directors (BoD) and trade unions in the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Sri Lanka's state run electricity monopoly, has led to the confusion as to who is the Chief Authority.
The state's strong chief law grants a fire chief authority to hire and fire firefighters, appoint captains and deputy chiefs, buy equipment and set policy and regulations for the department.
He is the chief authority of the Inquisitorial office.
Colbourne gave the chief authority to protect timber and fisheries near Sault Ste.
The author of several publications, he principally studied the Protestant establishment in Wales during the Reformation and is the chief authority on early modern Wales.
Natural philosophy -- which was called physica as well as philosophia naturalis -- was a speculative rather than a practical science, and its chief authority was Aristotle.
Under WIA, governors have chief authority to make decisions about how federal funds for adult education and job training will be distributed to local communities and the criteria for selecting members of the local workforce boards.
This unfinished work in five books stands as the chief authority for the period 552-558.

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