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Congress legislature party leader Rameshwar Dudi and chief party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala too were present at the conference.
Android is a milestone for us, and the NTU event is the perfect opportunity to let our users experience the new Buy Me a Drink," said Silvana Carpanelli Hayes, Chief Party Officer and Founder of this Singapore based app.
A secret party room ballot to declare the positions of party leader and deputy leader vacant was voted down 61 votes to 39, chief party whip Philip Ruddock told reporters.
The Chief Party of the FRHP, Dr Edward Bonku, said that the project would end next year after the provision of training, performance-based grant and support to improve the quality of service delivery, the management of health facilities and health information.
Since sending the nippers back to school (with PE kits, lunch-boxes and very clean uniforms every day so far I might add) I've spent my days off being chief party planner and that is no mean feat.
But there was no doubt who Lennon accused of being the chief party pooper where yesterday's match was concerned.
David Gormley was chief party pooper with a superb hat-trick.
No doubt the chief party of spin is getting into top gear before the election.
If anyone was going to spoil the celebrations it would have been Bolton, with their chief party pooper, Kevin 'play the man not the ball' Davies.
New Komeito party leader Takenori Kanzaki formally announced Saturday he will step down when his term as chief party representative expires Sept.
Chief party animal was the fearless Irish lock Blair Mayne, who was later awarded the DSO in World War II.
At the chief party headquarters in Iraq's second-largest city, officials kept copious files on every comrade in their ranks, tracked thousands of army deserters, and passed on intelligence warnings about spies and saboteurs.

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