chief point

See: main point
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Are you at all able to eat, my darling?--for that is the chief point which ought to be seen to.
As he listened to his brother's argument with the professor, he noticed that they connected these scientific questions with those spiritual problems, that at times they almost touched on the latter; but every time they were close upon what seemed to him the chief point, they promptly beat a hasty retreat, and plunged again into a sea of subtle distinctions, reservations, quotations, allusions, and appeals to authorities, and it was with difficulty that he understood what they were talking about.
But do you know, gentlemen, what was the chief point about my spite?
"No, the chief point is that to Nicholas ideas and discussions are an amusement- almost a pastime," said Pierre.
But he was to be honest--that was the chief point! He wasn't to be allowed to lie."
The chief point, however, was to chase away the notion from his mother's mind as quickly as possible.
Smangle was still engaged in relating a long story, the chief point of which appeared to be that, on some occasion particularly stated and set forth, he had 'done' a bill and a gentleman at the same time.
He was thinking of the chief point, and put off trifling details, until /he could believe in it all/.
"That fella boy belong along me." The old chief pointed out Gogoomy, whom Sheldon recognized.
On entering the lodge the chief pointed to mats or cushions which had been placed around for the strangers, and on which they seated themselves, while he placed himself on a kind of stool.
She managed the recital, as she hoped, with address; prepared her anxious listener with caution; related simply and honestly the chief points on which Willoughby grounded his apology; did justice to his repentance, and softened only his protestations of present regard.
She had been led through the best galleries, had been taken to the chief points of view, had been shown the grandest ruins and the most glorious churches, and she had ended by oftenest choosing to drive out to the Campagna where she could feel alone with the earth and sky, away-from the oppressive masquerade of ages, in which her own life too seemed to become a masque with enigmatical costumes.

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