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CHIEF, principal. One who is put above the rest; as, chief magistrate chief justice : it also signifies the best of a number of things. It is frequently used in composition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(2014) 'Voluntary barbarians of the Maloti-Drakensberg: the BaPhuthi chiefdom, cattle raiding, and colonial rule in nineteenth-century Southern Africa'.
Powhatan's paramount chiefdom constitutes a prime example of this phenomenon.
In a majority of African chiefdoms and kingdoms, the stool is taken out only on special occasions, for instance, during an annual tribal dance or when the chief or king dies or is "missing" as most Africans refer to the death of a king.
Since Marshall Sahlins published Social Stratification in Polynesia (1958), some Polynesian communities have been referred to as stratified chiefdoms, and furthermore all Polynesian societies are considered to have chiefdom sociopolitical organizations in one way or another (Kirch and Green 2001).
The main reason the route matters is that it is basic to identifying the native societies De Soto met--Hudson invariably calls them "chiefdoms"--and what happened to them afterward.
In a sense, both have reached very similar conclusions from different perspectives with Niemann emphasizing the biblical evidence for his construction of the development from stratified society and chiefdom to tribal state.
This study is teeming with details about the proliferation of Acholi chiefdoms. It is based almost exclusively on oral traditions collected by Atkinson and his fellow 'Luo' history researchers of the 1970s such as Owot, Uma, Garry, and Webster.
Archaeological signs of war, such as the number of weapons found in graves and heavily fortified occupation sites, increase with the growth of chiefdoms, Carneiro observes.
He told a press conference in Juba on Monday that Abyei, the land of nine Ngok Dinka chiefdom as a South Sudanese land.
1960: 'From tribute to tax in a Tikar chiefdom', Africa 30 (1): 1-19.
([section]) Sierra Leone has 14 districts, which comprise 149 chiefdoms. Each chiefdom is further divided into sections and then into villages.