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His most enduring literary work, however, was the inspiration and possibly partial authorship of the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle,' a series of annals beginning with the Christian era, kept at various monasteries, and recording year by year (down to two centuries and a half after Alfred's own death), the most important events of history, chiefly that of England.
IFP revised its September estimate chiefly based on current tax and levy revenues, as well as a new macroeconomic prognosis.
In the South, territory was regained by the Iraqi Army, chiefly the retaking of Ramadi this week.
The December inflation at the food products market (2,1%) was chiefly conditioned by growth of prices for fruits, vegetables and potato
4 per cent in manufactured goods, classified chiefly by material and 7.
Cowell claims he's chiefly responsible for raising awareness of the country's up and coming singers.
2 chiefly British : to walk in a way that shows anger <He flounced out of the room.
The investigation by the Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) came after several investigative reports, chiefly by the Miami Herald, revealed the company's ties to the Chavez regime.
Baghdad -- Daily reports of violence in Iraq focus chiefly on the war between Sunni and Shiite Muslim factions.
Thailand is the largest steel market among ASEAN member countries, with good prospects for future growth chiefly in high value added steels for automotive, home-appliance, OA and other such uses.
There were 155 responses, more than one-quarter of which were from outside North America, chiefly from Asia.
The act was introduced in 2000 chiefly as a measure to fight the trade in sex workers abroad; a reauthorization in 2003 had the same goal.