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a list of people later subject to head tax, with the 12/09/1895 decree) and territorial boundaries of the tribe; restricted the free movement of Kanak populations (in 1897 it would be forbidden to leave the reserve); (46) and created an administrative chieftaincy, without clearly defining its duties and responsibilities.
On the final day of the conference Dr Nanasuf spoke about the complex, tiered system of chieftaincy has existed in Africa for centuries.
The belief in the divinity of kings and the "Great Chain of Being" in Shakespeare's days is closely related to the belief in the gods-ordained chieftaincy in Dudum.
Discrimination against women aspirants in Paramount Chieftaincy elections in Sierra Leone.
The size of an individual's wealth most often determines the numbers of chieftaincy titles, the number of invitations to lunching ceremonies, the number of personal securities, the Worth and location of his or her home.
Local chieftaincy courts administer customary law with lay judges; appeals from these lower courts are heard by the superior courts.
His hooks include African history: a very short introduction (with John Parker), Oxford 2007: Nkrumah and the Chiefs; the politics of chieftaincy in Ghana, 1951-60, Oxford 2000; Murder and politics in colonial Ghana, New Haven 1993; and Ghana: British Documents on the End of Empire.
85) The JATT is an ad hoc agency consisting of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, the Internal Security Organisation and the Uganda Police.
Speck, an authority on the Beothuck and Mi'kmaq, wrote in 1922 that the old Mitchell family held a hereditary chieftaincy, which gave them unhindered hunting privileges, including proprietary hunting and trapping rights to an area around King George IV Lake, which lies at the headwaters of Red Indian Lake and was included in the lands leased to the AND Company (Fig.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Ghana's Minister of Chieftaincy and Culture Alexander Asum-Ahensah said that his country is eager to further boost current cultural ties with Iran.
During that time, more than 26 intercommunal conflicts over land (resources) and chieftaincy (power) occurred in northern Ghana, all characterized as ethnic conflicts.