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The supreme traditional leaders' clan of the chieftainship family lineages (VC1) harvest many products at willy-nilly from the woodlands they have rights upon, but mostly for home consumption.
All and all, the chieftainship violates the three essential components of the group's exchange cycles: women, gifts and speech.
In fact, the process is taken very seriously by members of the Kainai and members of the Chieftainship. People who have been chosen to be part of the Chieftainship are non-tribal members who have contributed something significant to the Kainai Nation or to society in general.
Melanesia offers particular advantages for testing such theories in that its societies ranged from largely egalitarian to those involving competitive leadership and hereditary chieftainships.
The breakdown of authority in Traveller to the East occurs in "the days when there was no strong chieftainship, when the tribes still ate each other" (Traveller 1).
The implementing agency on behalf of India shall be the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD-GOI) while on behalf of the Government of Lesotho, the implementing agency shall be the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship (MoLGC-COL).
The jewels in this case were clearly symbols of chieftainship for archaic Japanese.
Since members of the American espionage agencies, government officials of the Puppet Administration and enemies of the Afghan people and Jihad have ensconced themselves in the so-called Peace Council and are trying to pave the way for the prolongation of the American occupation by cashing in on the name of Jihad, religion and tribal chieftainship,; wants to prevent Mujahideen from waging Jihad against the invaders and are urging the Afghan Mujahid people to accept American slavery and surrender, therefore, members of the Council can be target of the Mujahideen attacks during the operations as, in view of their role, they are considered official members of the ranks of the enemy.
Smaller in size, with multiple lines of political authority (municipalities and chieftainship), as well as located in the peculiar political context of the former bantustans, there is much to suggest that we need to understand the introduction of the ward system in these areas.
Her succession * to a traditionally male chieftainship was only publicly challenged in 2003, when party politics came into play.
In chapter two, the author gives an account of the Mongol's comparatively brief and indirect rule over Mu'ege, which initiated the imperial incorporation of the southwest under the "tusi" or "native chieftainship" system.
A man was only what he saw of himself in others, and an intimation came to me of chieftainship in that island.