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And the third exhibition "Royal Tomb of Anatolia, Alacahoyuk in the Third Milennium" will display the period of chieftainships in Anatolia in the third millennium BC.
Some have argued that the paramount chieftainships of Ts'ibassaa, Shakes, or Legaix, for example, were a byproduct of K'mksiwah interventions (see, for instance, Andrew Martindale, "A Hunter-Gatherer Paramount Chiefdom: Tsimshian Developments through the Contact Period," in R.
I at 610 ("Above all, Athens intervened to impose or support democratic governments (though a few oligarchies were tolerated, notably in Chios, as well as tribal chieftainships in non-Greek communities).
While much of the land remained in the hands of the old chieftainships and of Marquis of the Valle de Oaxaca, water ownership and use within these lands was a different matter.