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One said she lived in the South Foreland Light, and had singed her whiskers by doing so; another, that she was made fast to the great buoy outside the harbour, and could only be visited at half-tide; a third, that she was locked up in Maidstone jail for child-stealing; a fourth, that she was seen to mount a broom in the last high wind, and make direct for Calais.
THE Anambra State Police Command said on Wednesday it had uncovered a child-stealing syndicate, arrested two female suspects and rescued the victim.
Women in Northern Ireland are controlled by the 150 year-old, Offences Against the Person Act, which also covers child-stealing and blowing someone up with gun powder.
The story begins with traditional tales of djinns, demons and child-stealing monsters narrated by poverty-stricken father Saboor, who has to make the difficult choice of whether to give away his 3-year-old daughter Pari to a wealthy family.
Over the past 20 years, she has been finding and collecting stories from native people across North American very similar to the ones she knew from California about child-stealing giants with a basket on their back--cannibal giants, hairy monsters, and human-like beings that lived in the woods.
Spookily though, she suddenly found her head racing with the same thoughts her character had upon tearily discovering she was now going to have to eat for two, in addition to fending of the global threat of alien attackers in the slimy form of child-stealing nasties, the 456.
I visited that agency, and my editors and I wrestled with the question of whether to name it here; there are serious questions about the conduct of US adoption agencies in child-stealing cases that should be addressed openly.
"At present, child-stealing only gets a penalty of three years, which is nothing.
As if parodying the Hollywood thriller commonplace of the intuitive detective experiencing lightning-bolt revelations, he excitedly babbles, "He's here, he's right here," convinced that his unknown enemy--a child-stealing Erl-King of his own making--is watching from nearby.
JANE AUSTEN IS THE ARTIST of the settled village and meticulously delineated family relations, but in this paper, I consider some of the ways that her novels represent and work through the ancient literary theme of child-stealing, an area of concern that seems the antithesis of these things.
Child-stealing and selling have attained a worrisome dimension in Delta State with a Delta-based anti-human trafficking agent, Mr Joshua Omorere, accusing security operatives of working underground to shield an allegedly self-confessed, serial child trafficker, Mrs Juliet Philips, who had been nabbed, from prosecution.