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Her individuality cannot be easily established in the two-in-one corporeal entity of the birthing body, control over the body is problematic in the physical, medical and social terrains of birth and importantly here, questions of pain and consequent loss of 'control' haunt childbirth.
Armed with the ability to use self-hypnotic techniques, women and their partners can effectively enter the childbirth experience with calm and focus.
But these missteps mar only slightly an otherwise fascinating and powerful recounting of conception and childbirth.
Few families have not been touched by tragic experiences of childbirth in Afghanistan, where maternal mortality is among the highest in the world.
In countries such as Afghanistan, women have a one-in-six chance of dying in childbirth.
Childbirth preparation classes are designed to teach women how to reconnect with their bodies, understand the mechanisms of labor, cope with the intense and sometimes unparalleled agony and ecstasy of pain and pleasure and, sadly, in today's techno birthing age, how to be wary of medical procedures and avoid the ubiquitous cesarean surgery birth story.
We challenge you--as you deliberate this week about investing in "the last frontier"--to share in the responsibility we all bear for women dying needlessly in childbirth.
A NEW birthing pool on the labour ward is helping to make labour and childbirth a less uncomfortable experience for women at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.
The National Childbirth Trust holds a Baby Cafe every Tuesday.
How can a childbirth educator facilitate its development among her students?
Q My husband thinks childbirth classes are a waste of time, and that I should be able to learn what I need from books and talking to my friends.

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