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The Childhood Cancer STAR Act will help some of our countrys youngest cancer patients by encouraging new developments in both research and treatment, Senator Capito said.
According to Private news channel , International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) is a global campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer, and to express support for children, teenagers and young adults with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their families.
Through 22 chapters, education, social work, and early childhood specialists from the UK and Australia introduce perspectives and practices in early childhood studies in the UK.
An epidemic such as childhood obesity, which is arguably a complex problem that likely has physiological, environmental, and cultural dimensions, demands attention to both medicine and culture from any scholar who aims to provide a deep understanding of how the disease at the heart of the epidemic has come to be defined and treated.
Recognized authors in early childhood discuss the rationale for RtI from their particular areas of expertise.
Washington, Aug 14 ( ANI ): Women who were physically abused during childhood are more likely to be obese, a new study has revealed.
This book takes an in-depth look at childhood from a number of different perspectives.
Dubai Around 250 educators and delegates are expected to participate in a conference for Early Childhood Educators today in Dubai.
ERIC Descriptors: Secondary Schools; Kindergarten; Educational Change; Early Childhood Education; Public Education; Young Children; Disadvantaged Youth; Elementary Schools; Standards; Educational Assessment; Professional Development; Accountability; Educational Quality; Alignment (Education); Court Litigation; Superintendents
Childhood eczema and rhinitis predict atopic but not nonatopic adult asthma: A prospective cohort study over 4 decades.
Damascus, (SANA) - Regional Arab Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education held a session Wednesday, chaired by Assistant Minister of Education Suleiman al-Khateeb, focused on creative initiatives at the early childhood stage.
The treatment of childhood cancer has advanced tremendously over the last 30 years, and now some types of childhood cancer have a cure rate of greater than 80%.

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