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A case-control study of 43 patients with current CFS and 60 nonfatigued controls, identified from a general population sample of 56,146 adults of Wichita, Kansas, completed questionnaires regarding self-reported childhood trauma (sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and emotional and physical neglect) and psychopathology (depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder) by CFS status.
Filled with interesting stories, this cross-cultural collection of essays viewing music through the lens of childhood spans 10 centuries, four continents and many distinct repertories and cultural practices.
Two-thirds of the CFS group reported childhood experiences of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse or emotional or physical neglect.
Mintz's mastery of the secondary literature of American childhood across the sweep of four centuries is unsurpassed.
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45) Today, while childhoods can still remain somewhat culturally specific, adolescence is less and less so.
Fifteen women cited "severe" memory deficits for their childhoods or had only recently unearthed memories of abuse.
A more explicit contrast of needy childhoods and public responses in the colonial and modern periods could have thrown the characteristics of the latter period (which is the book's real subject) into higher relief.
Dunedin-born youngsters who spent their childhoods embroiled in behavioral and school problems and who entered puberty earlier than most of their peers proved the most likely to embrace teenage delinquency, often with a ferocity unmatched by their fellow adolescents, Caspi and Moffitt assert.
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