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But personally I don't much enjoy listening to childishly crude language for 90 minutes and this repetitive film stretches my patience.
Rasputina are childishly careless: They're too freaky for radio, and have purposely left little mistakes on this album.
They childishly wanted to cause Mr Clegg trouble, in the ridiculous belief that this would help the local Tory candidate.
We get childishly excited when weather presenters frown, because that red warning triangle they use is our on-switch, and the words "gales on the way" give us a buzz.
Previously seen on E4, it's pretty much the same gags as the first series but if the joke hasn't worn thin yet, it's as childishly giggleinducing as ever.
He rather childishly and churlishly failed to show at a little get-together, for which the other four gave him generous understanding.
Basically, it's just a darn good excuse to act childishly while watching one of the most uplifting musicals ever made, and the audience are as much the stars as Julie Andrews and her wimple.
He moved in to support Collymore after Purse had somewhat childishly squirted his water bottle at the former England star.
Amadeus" tells the story of a great composer with a twist: What if Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a childishly vulgar genius who died at age 35 not from typhoid fever - the officially listed cause of death - but from poisoning by rival composer Antonio Salieri?
The cabin feels like a Merc, with lots of polished alloy and solid controls, while the Bluetooth and sat nav are childishly simple to use.
Childishly inventive and frequently just silly, it's not a bad first impression.
Not only was the plot childishly simple but they would have got away with it if the army major had opted out of the questioning at pounds 250,000.