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CHILDISHNESS. Weakness of intellect, such as that of a child.
     2. When the childishness is so great that a man has lost his memory, or is incapable to plan a proper disposition of his property, he is unable to make a will. Swinb. part. 11, Sec. 1; 6 Co. 23. See 9 Conn. 102; 9 Phil. R. 57.

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However, he has more to his personality than just childishness - he knows how to operate a forklift and manages the family scrap metal business whenever his dad is busy.
Dear Editor, Is the "cool" response by Alex Ferguson to the childishness and petulance of Rooney when he was taken off in Istanbul a sign that he is mellowing in old age and is past his sell-by date but not quite his use-by date yet?
At the same time, the battle re-enactments which take place in the lower forty-eight seem to have an inherent childishness to them.
He is also ridiculed whenever he betrays an element of childishness or stupidity.
The reason is the childishness of those in charge of the global economy, mixed with greed: a lethal mixture for which innocent employees around the world pay the price.
None of this would be necessary if both sides would say what they mean and mean what they say instead of sending coded "messages" and/or releasing statements that are equal parts childishness and paranoia.
Attacks on Dan Quayle's childishness and Michael Dukakis' alleged funny appearance in a tank were inappropriate.
Pic's drive comes from the collaborative childishness of Andris and his grandfather, which forces Geza, hardly a model adult, to shoulder the more responsible role.
But here's the thing: this childishness infects a lot of political discourse.
In a CAC catalogue interview, the former student of Georg Baselitz describes himself--astoundingly--as "not a realist," citing as evidence his Polaroid-based painting practice, its unfinished quality (his canvases indeed have a rough-and-ready, splattered appearance), overtones of Soviet Cold War propaganda (born 1970 in Leipzig, Bisky grew up in the German Democratic Republic), dedication to outsider art (he cites Henry Darger and Alex Katz as primary influences), and complete and utter childishness ("I come from a world where everybody wanted to control you.
Jaques de Boys, ruminating in Arden on the seven ages of man, describes second childishness as a melancholy affair--toothless, sightless, flavorless--with mere oblivion crowning (and, one hopes, softening) the humiliations of old age.
The problem is, that childishness is all we really understand about the character.