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CHILDISHNESS. Weakness of intellect, such as that of a child.
     2. When the childishness is so great that a man has lost his memory, or is incapable to plan a proper disposition of his property, he is unable to make a will. Swinb. part. 11, Sec. 1; 6 Co. 23. See 9 Conn. 102; 9 Phil. R. 57.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Whether they wish for it or not, the sportsman is kept in a state of childishness by their commitment to a game.
A happy couple's relationship implodes amid childishness and bickering.
explores cultural norms about childishness and maturity, what it means to be an adult or a child, and how the two are confused today more than ever.
"The tone and content of the production… should ensure children's childishness is protected and they are not called to adopt or mimic role models and certain attitudes such as objectifying their body or viewed sexually in a way that does not coincide with their age or with their identity as children."
Again this childishness -- the need to draw attention to himself and his party, shows that the 'Rahul wave' -- yes there was a small one when he returned after his sabbatical -- is forgotten.
Such rudeness (and childishness) as a response to the courteous approach of their new colleague may prove shocking to the residents o f North Heaton - and I'm glad to say is the opposite of my experience with my Lib Dem opponents in Dene ward.
Funnybones is that they are juvenile in their presentation and display childishness in their understanding of important social and political issues.
"It was intimidation, it was talking down, it was speaking over, it was childishness, and it did absolutely zero to even engage in conversation."
She is incredibly self-centered and vacillates wildly between extreme maturity and extreme childishness. She unjustly vilifies her boyfriend.
They are my life," she said, "Eddie and my life revolve around them I will not edit myself because of anyone else's childishness," ( E!
Some of their responses have ranged from downright childishness, especially from the Tories, and personality slurs up on certain other well known political gures, to the refusal to admit they are in a serious decline of public condence and now have serious competition to their monopoly of political clout.