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CHILDISHNESS. Weakness of intellect, such as that of a child.
     2. When the childishness is so great that a man has lost his memory, or is incapable to plan a proper disposition of his property, he is unable to make a will. Swinb. part. 11, Sec. 1; 6 Co. 23. See 9 Conn. 102; 9 Phil. R. 57.

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I was galled at the childishness of bankers in Vermont putting the regulator up to blocking a credit union from using the term "banking" in its marketing materials, and the state regulator for his, at best, naivete.
And while Wayne Rooney has long been dubbed Gascoigne's heir apparent - even assuming the nickname 'Wazza' - it is Balotelli who better demonstrates the childishness and self-destructiveness that characterised the former England talisman's career.
Jordan documents Patton's remarkable churlishness and childishness, as well as his extraordinary drive and sense of the operational moment.
At its best, this is a relationship no longer of mere dependency, inferiority, or childishness in either its reactionary obedience or its adolescent rebellious modes.
Educated and well-mannered parents at the start, they progressively become more primitive and dissolve into childishness.
A host of other female singers, from Pink to Kelly Clarkson, also attacked Kanye's childishness.
In a tournament marred by cheating and childishness, the real winners were organisationally ,the South Africans proving they could put on a world event, but sadly, financially, the hubristic FIFA led by the cynical Seth Blatter ,who scalped over two billion from the tournament, leaving South Africa with only debts and honour.
According to the Bard, Cleese is into the final act of the seven ages of man, that of "second childishness and mere oblivion," without teeth, eyes, taste - without everything.
However, he has more to his personality than just childishness - he knows how to operate a forklift and manages the family scrap metal business whenever his dad is busy.
At the same time, the battle re-enactments which take place in the lower forty-eight seem to have an inherent childishness to them.
He is also ridiculed whenever he betrays an element of childishness or stupidity.
The reason is the childishness of those in charge of the global economy, mixed with greed: a lethal mixture for which innocent employees around the world pay the price.