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Through his naif approach, Del Rosario materializes fantasy and nostalgia while endowing his characters with childlike dimensions.
The sex dolls included one ordered online, 4ft 7in or 140cm in height, which an expert said had both "childlike and adult-like features".
The Green Mile Film4, 9pm In 1935, Death Row prison officer Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks, left) and his colleagues welcome a childlike man called John Coffey, whose presence causes a stir among the small team.
How much of our simplicity, childlike trust, and openness have remained?
Christine Aroney-Sine's The Gift of Wonder invites childlike joy back into faith through creative practices.
Just as at the Annunciation, when she was puzzled by the will of God as revealed to her by the Archangel Gabriel, she entrusts herself and all things to God-for she, too, is childlike in her simplicity and trust.
At times childlike and at others honest, the fantastical, dreamlike writing brings this story to life.
Unlike the original characters, in this adaptation, Gretel (performed by Kayla-Maree Tarantolo) is a bossy elder sister who leads the way and leaves a trail of bread crumbs, while Hansel (Constant Vigier) is more childlike, holding a teddy bear in his hand.
Lynch, who serves as founder, director, product manager and writer of the app, through her organization, Words from a Childlike Heart, hopes that Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers encourages children to live out their own personal Bible experiences.
But while the older people involved in such experiences are assumed to be with children, they are not themselves necessarily childlike; and the "children of all ages" included in Carter's audience do not appear to be required to be accompanied by actual children of the age of children.
He conducts experiments in secret, only to be kidnapped during the testing phase by low-level criminals who stumble upon Deon's childlike robotic creation, christened Chappie (Sharlto Copley), and decide to corrupt the automaton for a heist.