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Stephanie Spence, who is studying for a BA degree in criminal justice at the University of the West of Scotland, is the recipient of a Carnegie Trust undergraduate vacation scholarship for her research on mock children's hearings and social workers' professional development.
Group photo with Children's Hearing Foundation (Children's Hearing Foundation)
In 2009 the local authority decided that Z should be placed for adoption and in 2011 the Children's Hearing authorised the placement of Z with A in England.
Bernadette Monaghan was suspended in December - eight months after taking up her pounds 70,000-a-year role as national convener of the Children's Hearing Scotland board.
Since the journal's beginnings in the early 1970s, when the idea of children's health as a discipline was yet to be conceived, EHP has published articles on child-relevant issues such as lead toxicity and arsenic-induced changes in children's hearing abilities.
All of the children's hearing scores improved dramatically after they received their implants, and their outcomes were comparable to those of 2- to 5-year-old children who had undergone the procedure, wrote Nikolopoulos and co-authors.
For all children with hearing impairments, MADDSP seeks information on type of hearing impairment (sensorineural, conductive, or mixed), level of impairment (moderate, 40-64 dBs; severe, 65-84 dBs; or profound, [is greater than or equal to]85 dBs), and the earliest age when the children's hearing loss first met the MADDSP criteria.
Other recent research has suggested that such levels can impair children's hearing and raise blood pressure in adults (SN: 12/20&27/86, p.390; 9/3/88, p.158).
Boyd McAdam, chief executive and national convener for Children's Hearing Scotland, added: "There are some common misconceptions about being a Panel Member, such as 'you need a law degree' or 'you have to have worked in children's services'.
A children's hearing boss faces the sack over claims she called a colleague a "p***".
A judge told the pair, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, he had decided to refer them to a children's hearing.
Viv Pierce-Jones, of the Hearing Advisory Team, said: "It is important to assess the children's hearing at least annually.
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