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ORPHANAGE, Eng. law. By the custom of London, when a freeman of that city dies, his estate is divided into three parts, as follows: one third part to the widow; another, to the children advanced by him in his lifetime, which is called the orphanage; and the other third part may be by him disposed of by will. Now, however, a freeman may dispose of his estate as he pleases; but in cases of intestacy, the statute of distribution expressly excepts and reserves the custom of London. Lov. on Wills, 102, 104; Bac. Ab. Custom of London, C. Vide Legitime.

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Im aware that the Ministry of Social Services has partnered a long time with the Grand Bahama Childrens Home. I look at how young former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham looked in those photographs during the opening of this facility in 2001.
Adding that whether they are living at home or in an institution like the GB Childrens Home, they will all eventually be integrated into the larger society: The children belong to all of us adults, so all of us have an obligation to the children, said the Social Services Minister.
"We want to spread the joy of the holiday season and raise money for a good cause, but we also want to be out here promoting the wonderful things the Childrens Home and Aid does for all the families in southern Illinois they help."
The British vice-consul in Alicante, Mr George Oumthwaite, who escorted Mrs Gill to court yesterday, said: "She is visiting her son daily at the childrens home and that has helped to ease the burden of the legal delays.
There are many challenges that families face when adopting, and the Childrens Home and Aid provides the much-needed support several families need during and after an adoption happens.
Hannah Wairimu Njoroge, Founder and Director, Ms.Irene Wambui, Accountant, Head of Day to day Operations and Mr Simion Karugu, Manager accepted the donation on behalf of the Mogra Childrens Home from H.E.
Nottinghamshire county council ( the council ) is seeking competitive quotes for an external consultant to contact an independent assessment of the support staffing requirements across the six ncc operated childrens homes.A specification of the work to be undertaken is detailed in the service specification document, together with a consultancy agreement which will form the basis of a contract between the council and the successful bidder.
Contract awarded for Childrens homes provision for children and young people
this contract also requires the successful provider to carry out regulation 44 visits to childrens homes and provide reports.
regulation 44 visitors are required for both worcestershire county council and worcestershire health and care nhs trust residential provision, in accordance with the childrens homes (england) regulations 2015, part 6 - monitoring and reviewing childrens homes, section 43.
1) edge of care residential childrens homes for non-disabled children for whom a short break will enable them to stay within their family home / fostering placement;
this service will provide care to five separate homes within the borough of cheshire east.One home in crewe is currently operational and we have two properties (one in crewe and one in macclesfield)that have recently been utilised as childrens homes. these three properties, will be provided by cheshireeast council and leased to the successful suppliers following a re-tender exercise.