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ORPHANAGE, Eng. law. By the custom of London, when a freeman of that city dies, his estate is divided into three parts, as follows: one third part to the widow; another, to the children advanced by him in his lifetime, which is called the orphanage; and the other third part may be by him disposed of by will. Now, however, a freeman may dispose of his estate as he pleases; but in cases of intestacy, the statute of distribution expressly excepts and reserves the custom of London. Lov. on Wills, 102, 104; Bac. Ab. Custom of London, C. Vide Legitime.

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We want to spread the joy of the holiday season and raise money for a good cause, but we also want to be out here promoting the wonderful things the Childrens Home and Aid does for all the families in southern Illinois they help.
The British vice-consul in Alicante, Mr George Oumthwaite, who escorted Mrs Gill to court yesterday, said: "She is visiting her son daily at the childrens home and that has helped to ease the burden of the legal delays.
There are many challenges that families face when adopting, and the Childrens Home and Aid provides the much-needed support several families need during and after an adoption happens.
Cheshire east want to build a strong partnership with an external organisation to provide good quality childrens homes in macclesfield and crewe.
Within this soft market test and request for information we are providing you with our current proposals for the development of liverpool city councils commissioned services for childrens homes for transition, preparation and moving on, and requesting information regarding your company and your s.
Tenders are invited for provider event for plymouth city council residential childrens homes block contract opportunity
Plymouth city council is intending to carry out a tender to secure the supply of residential childrens homes placements, both inside the city boundary and within 20 miles.
For the first time, NatWests Care Home Benchmarking Report includes childrens homes which represent a small but important part of the care home sector.
Jeremy Huband, Head of Healthcare NatWest commented: In producing this report, which for the first time includes Northern Ireland and childrens homes, we have identified a number of norms.
Contract Awarded for Run five residential childrens homes in Birmingham
Contract notice: supply of beds and mattresses for educational establishments such as outdoor centres and childrens homes.