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I am chilled to the very marrow of my bones," answered Aunt Myra, chafing the end of her purple nose with her sombre glove.
She had done her best to keep warm, had skated till she was tired and hot, then stood watching others till she was chilled; tried to get up a glow again by trotting up and down the road, but failed to do so, and finally cuddled disconsolately under a pine-tree to wait and watch.
Seven years of wretchedness glide glibly over the lips of the man who has never counted them out in moments of chill disappointment, of head and heart throbbings, of dread and vain wrestling, of remorse and despair.
l trembled under a present glance, I hungered after a present joy, I was clogged and chilled by a present fear.
Oh, the rain, the rain--the cruel rain that chilled me last night!
"If it's just The Big Chill, we will be valued at P2 billion to P3 billion in terms of market capitalization, but if we can include Tully's Asia Pacific, we can double the market cap," he said.
Having been specifically designed over a period of 18 months for workers in chilled environments, Active Chill jackets will thermoregulate, keeping the wearer warm and at a consistent temperature for optimum comfort.
According to the website, the colder the wind chill, higher the risk for developing frostbite or hypothermia.
The climate indexes we use in this study are growing degree days and chill hours, which are commonly used as measures of accumulation for heat and chill, respectively.
" e funds will allow us to integrate the revolutionary Sure Chill technology into a vaccine cooler, which will mean more lives can be saved in remote locations," said Keith Bartlett, e Sure Chill Company's chief executive o"cer.
To address this shortcoming, the present study supplies data on flight ability for HW and GT males i) upon emergence (post-shipping but without adult storage and subsequent chilling; lowest stress), ii) held in 'relaxed' conditions of low density and high food but chilled for the standard period of 2 h, iii) held in towers but not subject to long-term chilling, or iv) after the routine procedure of storage in the towers and pre-release knockdown (highest stress).