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This year, though, Live Theatre are offering a passion-fuelled antidote to any feelings of miserable chilliness with a world premiere.
Even some who used to mock his lip-biting have decided that warmth, even if it's fake at times, beats real chilliness.
Powell found Knox to be a "man of delightful humour" and never noticed chilliness.
The symptoms corresponding to this remedy include becoming easily irritated, perspiring readily, chilliness, and a craving for sour or strongly flavoured food.
But the chilliness of Charmer's estranged figuration belies her intent.
The parties added that Geagea was experiencing growing political isolation, because of the return of the Maronite patriarchate to "its unifying, patriotic role," a reference to the recent chilliness in relations between the Lebanese Forces leader and Bkirki.
the CNPDSUE, DASCE, OED, RDHS, RDMASUE, VS dictionaries) inform us that one of the earliest metaphorical senses of hen emerged from the now archaic compound hen--flesh, current in the period between the 15th and 19th centuries in the secondary sense 'the roughness of the skin arising from chilliness or shivering', and the adjectival compound hen--hearted registered in the transferred sense 'feeble, timid, easily panicked' (16th > 19th centuries)--a formation which is clearly linked to the conceptual zone /BEHAVIOUR/ with such attributive elements as <SHY> and <WEAK> brought to prominence.
And Pullman presents it with mesmerising chilliness.
THE weather usually marks British bank holidays with downpours and unseasonal chilliness.
DOES all this sub-zero chilliness and wrapping up in big coats leave you.
HOT DRINKS A "simple hot drink can provide an immediate and sustained relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness", according to Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre.
He was filthy rich, and in any case, the trips were taken, she told me, to get away from the chilliness of Montreal, because he had a respiratory complaint.