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These include gout, asthma, dropsy, sore throat, putrid fever, nervous fever, typhus, lung inflammation, cough, chilliness, headache, and earache.
I wondered if Mr Wilkes knew what was happening around him, and yet -in the middle of all this -Neil Couperthwaite is the best Riff Raff we have seen in a long time and Mr Couperthwaite conveys to a nicety that impartial galactic chilliness which appears when Frank 'n' Furter is finally lasered into oblivion.
Still, there's an initial chilliness, as if the series is keeping viewers at arm's length, and the pacing is far more deliberate than most TV would be able to get away with these days.
Clinton had been baffled, then upset, by the vice president's increasing chilliness.
These consisted of sneezing, nasal congestion and discharge, sore throat, cough, headache, chilliness, and feeling uneasy and uncomfortable.
Typical symptoms of malaria are similar to those of a cold, such as fatigue, muscular pain and diarrhea, followed by high temperatures and chilliness.
Johannes is distinguished by his constant absences, his failure to participate in household chores (he does not want to "go around with a screwdriver in his hand"), his chilliness, his manipulations, his deceit.
The measured tone of veiled disappointment in Stanford's judgement evidently reflected an abiding chilliness in the musicianly establishment.
Some down bags omit the side-block baffles, so the sleeper can shift the down to top or bottom to suit the chilliness of the night.
There's a chilliness to the breeze blowing in from the coast and the few patches of blue breaking through the cloud have a colder edge to them these days.
The common pointers to this remedy are apprehension, indifference, chilliness, sensitivity to cold air, a craving for fat and an anxiety that's felt in the stomach.