chilling effect

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The chilling effect on the exercise of First Amendment rights is palpable.
His (Elliott's) statements have had a chilling effect on negotiations," Hayden said.
Such surveillance could have a chilling effect on library use he says, especially "if the price of doing research is becoming an espionage suspect in the eyes of the FBI.
Furthermore, (the) risk of costs and attorneys' fees to an unsuccessful claimant will have a chilling effect on various companies' rights to pursue a legitimate NAFTA remedy.
Me, I would prefer candor from an offended Nguyen, Chan or Mohammad to pre-emptive PC censorship and its killjoy chilling effect on all communications.
Worrying about the tax status of every Web page your group might link to would have a chilling effect, argues David Kopel of the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank based in Colorado.
We appealed the decision all the way up to the Oregon Supreme Court, arguing that such an award would have a chilling effect on everyone's right to free speech.
Such restrictions on the flow of unclassified information could severely limit the information available to citizens, have a chilling effect on those who wish to acquire information, restrict our nation's technological development, and hinder the ability of U.
South Korea's World Stem Cell Hub could become the leading center for stem cell and therapeutic cloning research, because of the chilling effect U.
We very well could see a chilling effect because a lot of the excitement is going to be taken out.
Robert Blakely, the Notre Dame law professor who wrote RICO, warns that applying it to protesters will have a chilling effect on speech.
However, we are convinced that ISS did not properly take into account the potential risk to stockholders that a successful completion by Red Zone of its consent solicitation could have a chilling effect on the sale process.