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These deep recesses, though protected from the winds that assail the summits of their lofty sides, are damp and chill to a degree that one would hardly anticipate in such a climate; and being unprovided with anything but our woollen frocks and thin duck trousers to resist the cold of the place, we were the more solicitous to render our habitation for the night as comfortable as we could.
He needed to bask himself in that smile, he said, in order that the chill of so many lonely hours among his books might be taken off the scholar's heart.
But of the two evils his quick mind chose the lesser ere the first note of Sabor's scream had scarce broken the quiet of the jungle, and before the great beast had covered half her leap Tarzan felt the chill waters close above his head.
Two or three might lie cuddled in each other's arms for additional warmth if the night were chill, and thus Tarzan had slept in Kala's arms nightly for all these years.
I suppose I must have shuddered, or betrayed in some other way my momentary chill of horror.
But now that her soul was laid open to me, now that I was compelled to share the privacy of her motives, to follow all the petty devices that preceded her words and acts, she found herself powerless with me, except to produce in me the chill shudder of repulsion--powerless, because I could be acted on by no lever within her reach.
Seven years of wretchedness glide glibly over the lips of the man who has never counted them out in moments of chill disappointment, of head and heart throbbings, of dread and vain wrestling, of remorse and despair.
ACCU-CHILL [R] bottom-injection chilling system cryogenically chills proteins from the bottom of mixers/blenders.
An overbroad law is invalid not because it incidentally chills protected expression but because it directly reaches protected expression: hence the term "overbroad.
2 : a feeling of coldness accompanied by shivering <She has a fever and chills.
It's so cold, in fact, that weather experts are reporting subfreezing wind chills throughout the San Fernando Valley due to low temperatures and high winds - weather more familiar to those on the East Coast.