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4) The image stuck, though, and imitations of the chimerical Bosch flooded the market.
25-acre estate was first floated off market by the couple in the fall of 2013, before it was officially hoisted on the open market in early 2014, with an in-hindsight chimerical $27.
If you talk through your hat to seem heroic and reap the benefits of a feigned-valor in the face of the chimerical beast of interest rates, in total disregard of the fragility of the markets, you make things worse.
Meanwhile, the training of Syrian moderates remains as chimerical as the Bashar al-Assad regime's barrel bombs are real, and Congress continues, Corker notes disapprovingly, to fund America's wars off budget.
Beijing shone brightly under a sky the Chinese described wryly as "APEC blue", a tantalising, chimerical hue for the benefit of foreign dignitaries.
In many ways, as everywhere else, Scotland was side-stepped by the Swinging Sixties because that construct is itself largely chimerical.
Getting Lost" is JaTawny's first book to be published by Chimerical Art Books.
Faced with such a prospect, we should not be pursuing a chimerical alliance with Iran.
And he will embody, to modern fans, that longed-for but seemingly chimerical owner: a hands-on and benevolent leader who refers to team members as "my boys" (185).
The intractable issues of post-colonial Africa have frustrated diplomats and development agencies for decades, and the vague and chimerical suggestions of the authors--that a troubled African nation should simply "get its own house in order," for example--are not policy prescriptions likely to cut the Gordian Knot of Africa's manifold governance problems.
a mirage"; the chimerical Burr "expect[ed] that men would follow in any direction he might lead them" (10, 138).
The glittering lights of chimerical islands with such names as avant-garde theater, film noir, rock n' roll, and open marriage may have captivated single people for a period of time, but they were soon adrift again to find the next thrill.