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Can you identify, monitor and repair chinks in your own leadership armour?
But for perceiving what the machines serve up, we're still back to that 7-millimeter chink.
She could say: "Yes, I said 'chink' but I didn't mean that there are any chinks;" or "Yes, I said that Yao is not a chink, and I do not think that there are any chinks
This could be the first chink into the armor of the virus," he adds.
When we sit together and chink glasses, the sound is like our church bells, a symbol of harmony and good cheer," said Roiderer.
Local first--timer Baun Mah adopted Michael Moore's tongue-in-cheek style with his sardonic A Chink in the Armour, which skewers every Asian stereotype from bad drivers to math geniuses to martial artists.
Title rivals McLaren and Williams, who both use Michelin tyres, will be looking to take advantage of this possible chink in Ferrari's armour.
We describe it as a milk-based chink 'gone wild' because there are outrageous, intriguing and delicious flavor combinations.
The relief around the ground was obvious and Derby now have a chink of light in their battle to beat the drop.
Color has been a chink in Palm's armor since Microsoft announced CE support for color displays in February.
For giant banks, multinational corporations and credit card companies that routinely transfer electronic cash back and forth over national boundaries, local economic self-reliance amounts to an act of heresy, a chink in the global economy's armor.
The Heart of Penelope (1904) and Barbara Rebell (1905)--she wrote The Chink in the Armour (1912), a psychological study of a murder-plot victim.