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Sarah moved to Southcliff four years ago with her husband, Mark, 39, and cats Eddie, Kula and Chinky Chat.
do the norm and reserve a table with at least 2 bottles, then maybe those fab girls can bear to sit down with you for a few minutes user keesha, Thursday, 29 June 2006 The problem in the new emerging China is that young chinky punks who just found some money to burn are arrogant and rude.
And, in fact, the Territory itself is now clamouring for the introduction of the cheap and nasty Chow, notwithstanding that it is breeding its own Chinky fast enough .
ashamed to be Chinese, and of course, to speak Cantonese," a young woman of Canadian-born Cantonese parents recalled, remembering the taunts by her school classmates of "Chinky, Chinky Chinamen" (Kouritzen 1999, 43).
Designed by Ken Kantor, this is a high-style speaker designed for flat panel monitors (plasma TV or Macintosh Cinema Display, but it would look out of place with a chinky PC monitor).
Meanwhile, his wife M, who betrayed her family on Jason's behalf, sits alone watching "The Chinky and Gooky Show," featuring two film critics whose rating system runs along the lines of "Moo goo gai PAN" and "Chicken Kung PAO.
He also wrote and produced another sensual ballad, "She Said," which features Chinky of LovHer.
Our judges also loved Amazon parrot Chinky and his amazing bike-balancing stunt.
Guides Chinky Hubbard and Tamara Cavanaugh led us down a path on which we could first smell and then feel the cool breezes off the ocean.
But he also jokes that he wanted to write "a big Chinky play" that would impress 60-year-old regional theatergoers.