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According to insiders, the country's move seeks to promote the IC industry ranging from chip design to chip manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials.
The new plant would be the first chip manufacturing facility in the United Arab Emirates.
Existing chip manufacturing technology will be used for the faster speed of the Power6 chip, which IBM said will use less power due to its design.
Bunting said the entire sector stands to benefit as the makers of telecommunications equipment respond to high demand for their products by increasing the amount of chip manufacturing they outsource to other chip makers.
The event has become O one of the top three conferences focused on both the high-level statistics-driven and practical nitty-gritty aspects of chip manufacturing.
The 100 millionth SiGe chip was produced at IBM's Burlington, Vermont facility, the company's primary chip manufacturing site and exclusive IBM SiGe production facility, and was delivered to Tektronix (NYSE:TEK), a world leader in advanced test, measurement and monitoring equipment.
The new Hong Kong hub is designed to improve network access to the burgeoning chip manufacturing industry in Asia-Pacific.
In standard transistors, electricity travels horizontally, so shortening the path requires that the transistor be made thinner -- an increasingly difficult task with diminishing returns using today's chip manufacturing techniques.