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Mike Imrem, former columnist: Barry Bonds, Chipper Jones, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Edgar Martinez, Curt Schilling, Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Mussina, Sammy Sosa and Trevor Hoffman.
Caption: From left are Kyle, Kelsey and Lilyana Walter and Connor Craig in front of a giant chipper machine.
However, his leg tripped the safety bar and shut off the machine just when his head arrived at the chipper blades, officials said.
Write your answer on a postcard or back of a sealed envelope and send with your email address, your full name, age, address and phone number to Chipper Piggy Games Competition, Consumer Marketing, BPM Media, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham B24 9FF.
The chipper culture was started by members of the Irish Italian community who arrived in Ireland in the 1880s.
Chipper, we are proud to promote your book and life stories
If Chipper Jones wants to come back, I'd love to have Chipper," said Cashman.
Rocks raked into the shredder hopper or pieces of metal that inadvertently make their way into the chipper chute can come flying back at you with devastating results if you aren't dressed for success.
If your waste-management work will be exclusively reducing piles of woody prunings, cornstalks and tree limbs, then you might consider taking the plunge on a dedicated chipper.
The BC1200XL brush chipper is fed through dual horizontal offset feed rollers.
She fails to mention in her letter that there was no number plate or lighting board on the chipper, which made me suspicious.