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And then, sitting on the porch of her father's farmhouse back in Nebraska one moonlight evening, Sarah came out and put that gold chip into my hand.
she must have packed that gold chip in my trunk), until they found out I was a man without a mind, and the railroad sent me back to Nebraska.
Most persons, at their first entrance, felt impelled to remove their hats, and pay such reverence as was due to the richly-dressed and beautiful young lady who seemed to stand in a corner of the room, with oaken chips and shavings scattered at her feet.
By dint of much labour he managed to chip off a narrow sliver some twelve inches long by a quarter of an inch thick.
Slice as thinly as possible, place them in a single layer (no overlaps) on the baking sheets, and bake until the chips are crisp.
Korea has long been a leader in commodity semiconductors, such as dynamic random access memory chips (DRAMs), while U.
Watson noted that Georgia-Pacific is working with all of the suppliers shipping chips to its pulp mills.
By means of such chips, Shuler says, "one can find the compounds and conditions most likely to give interesting results in animals" Because that could minimize the number of animal tests needed, "we look at this as an animal-sparing technology," he adds.
In Mexico, more than 1,000s scannable chips have been implanted in patients.
That's not only expensive, but dedicated chips and "one-offs" don't often conform to any sort of standard.
TAEC) has announced details of its SoCMosaic custom chip hardware/software (HW/SW) co-development strategy designed to help software engineers developing code for an SoCMosaic custom chip significantly reduce software development time by as much as one year.
Besides good flavor, whether tortilla or potato, the chips have to have some heft and be easy to dip.