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The chiropteran fauna of the semi-arid caatinga is relatively poorly-known in comparison with other brazilian biomes, but the scenario increasingly evident from recent surveys, including the present study, is one of relatively reduced abundance and species diversity.
Although there is a body of literature dealing with morphological descriptions of the chiropteran gastrointestinal tracts, it is not only insufficient, but in addition almost totally lacking in a comparative analysis consistent with the existing diversity of food habits.
In Pakistan the taxonomy distribution ecology and biology of most of the chiropteran species is little known.
These records are primarily due to the limited number of chiropteran studies in Nebraska (see Introduction); however, timing of fieldwork and frequent sampling also helped us obtain these records.
While 66 bat species have now been recorded in the Ceara state, its chiropteran fauna remains poorly documented.
Similar observations have been made for coronaviruses in their original chiropteran hosts wherein strong virus amplification occurred soon after the time of parturition (15).
An inventory of the chiropteran fauna of Himachal Pradesh, northwestern India with some ecological observations.
These differences in roosting and foraging behavior may reflect regional differences in availability of habitats or insects (Brack, 1983; Price, 1984; Dunn, 1996), increased or decreased competition from other species (as membership of the local chiropteran community changes across the continent, Findley, 1993), or perhaps true regional preferences by different populations of bats.
We studied associations between ectoparasites and their chiropteran hosts in a fragment of tropical dry forest in the northern department of Tolima, presenting data on prevalence and intensity of infestation, and determining interdependence between ectoparasites and hosts.
2006) and application of character matrices and identification keys are authentic tools to identify different chiropteran species (Daniel 2009; Srinivasulu et al.