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First, the chivalresque episode takes place not during a "noche escura" but in broad daylight; and second, it does not end in an attack on those accompanying the cadaver (see Moraes Cabral 290-91).
Placed in the second part just after the Braying Adventure and just before Don Quijote and Sancho meet the Duke and Duchess, the Adventure of the Enchanted Boat plunges the reader once more into Don Quijote's chivalresque madness when he commands Sancho that they must abandon their mounts and set forth on the Ebro river in a skiff they have found tied to a tree.
Apart from sprinkling names from Orlando Furioso throughout the play, and inventing names with a similar ring to them, Lope mimics many of the conventions of the chivalresque epic in setting, character, plot, theme, and form: Erifila's independence and her flight through the woods with an untrustworthy companion to be left naked and defenceless in particular smacks of the stories of Ariosto's Olympia, Angelica, Doralice, and others; the feigned locura de amor of Laida and Fedra is also comically reminiscent of Orlando, as is Calandrio's real madness, which is specifically compared to it (p.
Cervantes's parodical elements (such as the chivalresque and the carnivalesque) symbolize a way of representing a case study, the meaning of which reveals the limits of obsolete intellectual models in order to highlight Sancho Panza's profound governing sense: the crisis of values in the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque.