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TABLE 1 Results From HPLC-MS Analysis of Antimicrobial Drugs That Exceeded the Threshold of Detection Aminoglycoside Antibiotics Gentamycin Neomycin ([micro]g/kg) ([micro]g/kg) (Parameter: (Parameter: 50 [micro]g/kg) 20 [micro]g/kg) Kidney #90 2,900 -- Kidney #105 3,500 -- Kidney #212 -- 3,700 Kidney #217 -- 780 Kidney #244 -- 2,800 Tetracycline Antibiotics Oxytetracycline Tetracycline Chlortetracycline ([micro]g/kg) ([micro]g/kg) ([micro]g/kg) (Parameter: (Parameter: (Parameter: 10 [micro]g/kg) 10 [micro]g/kg) 10 [micro]g/kg) Kidney #90 -- 83 1,100 Kidney #105 -- 80 1,200 Kidney #212 22 -- 12 Kidney #217 18 -- 14 Kidney #244 11 -- -- HPLC-MS = high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.
The propagation of Stx phages was induced significantly by chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline at concentrations as low as 0.
In addition, the MaxSignal[R] Oxytetracycline ELISA Kit, the MaxSignal[R] Chlortetracycline ELISA Kit and the MaxSignal[R] Doxycycline ELISA Kit were launched to facilitate the screening of specific tetracycline antibiotic in a variety of food samples.
Various analogues of tetracycline produces different colour changes, for instance chlortetracycline produces slate gray colour and oxytetracycline causes a creamy discoloration.
TABLE I CHLORTETRACYCLINE PATTERNS/ PATRONES DE CLORTETRACICLINA n Uncapacitated Capacitated Acrosome sperm sperm reacted (F pattern) (B pattern) sperm (AR pattern) without heparin 300 177 (a) 98 (a) 25 with heparin * 300 105 (b) 163 (b) 32 Values with different superscripts differ with a statistical significance of P<0.
Chlortetracycline production with immobilized Streptomyces aureofaciens.
One bacterium in particular, Megasphaera elsdenii, showed extremely high levels of resistance to chlortetracycline, an antibiotic used to treat a variety of infections," says Stanton.
Six of the new reference materials, BCR-695 to 698 and BCR-706 to 707, are intended for use in testing porcine kidney, fiver and muscle for chlortetracycline, a commonly used antibiotic for growth promotion and the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory disease in pigs.
Some of the soils were fertilized with manure from animals raised without growth-promoting drugs, the rest with manure from pigs treated with the growth-promoting antibiotic chlortetracycline.
Japanese customs authorities were worried that Indonesian shrimp was contaminated with antibiotics oxy-tetracycline, chlortetracycline and tetracycline.
The broad-spectrum antibiotic chlortetracycline (CTC) was detected in the shrimp when the Sendai municipal government in Miyagi Prefecture checked shrimp in markets in June.