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He stopped me, politely and resolutely, speaking with that quaintly precise choice of language which I h ad remarked as characteristic of him at our first interview.
Among the spectators who flocked to the Houndsditch ground to watch Clarence perform there appeared week after week a little, grey, dried-up man, insignificant except for a certain happy choice of language in moments of emotion and an enthusiasm far surpassing that of the ordinary spectator.
Indeed, his choice of language may have the unintended effect of encouraging Moscow to believe that Washington will concentrate exclusively on ISIS, leaving it and Tehran free to help the Assad regime liquidate all of its non-ISIS enemies and kill thousands of civilians in the process.
The outspoken star's post has already been shared more than 5,000 times onh social media, but not all of her fans agrees with her choice of language.
Ms Williams' choice of language suggests she may be allying herself with those who want to change the party's name to the Liberal Party.
Prof Riordan said: "In a competitive global job market, offering Cardiff University students the chance to complement their studies with a choice of language offers a distinct advantage, aiding their employability and international awareness.
MuCh as I'm enjoying The Island With Bear Grylls, I fear he was being a little sneaky with his choice of language when he said he had "ensured" there was enough food and water on his chosen Pacific islands to keep the contestants alive.
Bridger con rmed the news via a series of tweets, which upon further questioning from supporters rapidly descended into a colourful choice of language which would hardly impress a potential future employer of sponsor.
It is a harsh life that Eldon lives, and a hardworking life that the kid and the old man lead and Wagemese's choice of language, the beauty of his words convey their reality.
Grwp Llandrillo Menai''s Director of Bilingualism, Liz Saville, said: 'The ability to communicate with clients in their choice of language is very important in the field of catering, and I hope skills learned in both Welsh and English will be useful for Enlli in the future.
Apple's traditional choice of language, Objective-C, has been working for Macs, iPhones and iPads from the time it started in about 30 years.
It also said the state cannot force choice of language on the ground that it would be more beneficial to the child.