choice of language

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He stopped me, politely and resolutely, speaking with that quaintly precise choice of language which I h ad remarked as characteristic of him at our first interview.
I beg YOUR pardon, Miss Clack--I'll be more careful in my choice of language for the future.
Among the spectators who flocked to the Houndsditch ground to watch Clarence perform there appeared week after week a little, grey, dried-up man, insignificant except for a certain happy choice of language in moments of emotion and an enthusiasm far surpassing that of the ordinary spectator.
When the General Assembly has used specific language in one instance, but uses different language when addressing a similar subject elsewhere in the Code, the court must presume that the difference in the choice of language was intentional.
As lawyers, we understand the need to exercise discernment in our choice of language and in whose words we allow to shape ours.
The Translation and Interpreting Institute's Language Centre at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will offer participants the opportunity to learn their choice of language from amongst Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Adonis's meticulous choice of language embodies recurring attempts to capture the smallest details of everything in al-Quds, such as the sky as he says, "What can I say?
Another change over the five-year period is the choice of language.
The audience member who pointed out my choice of language also asked me if I was abandoning the pursuit of a health agenda and perhaps minimizing the importance of health on the community stage by adopting the agenda of our partners.
Public authorities weren't required to communicate bilingually - essential to give citizens a choice of language.
Her choice of language concerns me, however: is it reasonable for an engineer to be saying teachers should be trained better?
The officer said he did not mind being called names but took offence at Lathan's choice of language.