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CHOICE. Preference either of a person or thing, to one of several other persons or things. Election. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Such decisions, leading to institutional (cultural) differentiation across university settings, enabled streams of choices by future rational choicers to attend particular undergraduate or graduate political science programs (Cal Tech, Stanford, Washington University, University of Rochester, Indiana University, Carnegie-Mellon) for which they had an elective affinity.
If only the present capability to do these things counted, then personhood would be, in the words of one abortion choicer, "a state humans grow into, perhaps months or even a few years after birth." (30) Most abortion choicers, however, are not willing to admit even the mere possibility that choice on infanticide is a logical consequence of their argument.
However this wider choicer has been counteracted to a degree by the Government's decision to reduce the amount that a pension fund can borrow to assist with a property purchase.
Choicer than Champneys, and more select than Skibo Castle, the answer is - home.
The GOP, with control of two out of the three federal branches, has grabbed for itself the choicer role (the mom, to continue the uncanny Freaky Friday parallel).
It turns out there's a reason the show's been left untouched over the decades even as its choicer songs have become cabaret staples.
Choicer examples of Elvis merchandise over the years have included Elvis bookends, Elvis paint-by-numbers sets, Elvis grandfather clocks, Tickle Me
42 haec ex pluribus perveniens quo vult appellatur inductio, quae Graece [Greel words omitted] nominatur appellatur [e[Gamma]]CFO (nuncupatur Boethius 340, 33): appelletur [B.sub.A] a The subjunctive is choicer, and probably correct.
IT would be easy to chuck a load of the smelly stuff and some of my choicer adjectives all over the 10,000 people who flocked to the X Factor auditions at Hampden.
European competition is held to be a fine aid to the expansion of the club game but it is doubtful that when Brive embraced the concept they had a wet Saturday afternoon in Worcester in mind for one of their choicer experiences.
A filly with an even choicer family was offered just before the close of proceedings by one the of most successful commercial British nurseries of recent years - Meon Valley Stud in Hampshire.
I didn't have space for it all in my last column, but let me select some of the choicer ancillary chunks: