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To march with me to Carmarthen where we shall gather outside the home of a certain Mr Stephen Green, and there we shall chant the choicer chunks from Jerry Springer - The Opera, followed by the first 15 verses of Eskimo Nell and, if anyone knows all the words, the celebrated saga of the four-and-twenty virgins, down from Inverness.
Whether you've got wads of cash to blow or you're counting pennies, here's a list of some of the choicer offerings.
Customers must pay $399 for Office 2003 Standard Edition, which excludes many of the choicer collaboration features such as InfoPath, featured in Office Professional for $499.
Needless to say, as a died-in-the-wool "rational choicer," I have my favorite way to study the presidency.
I haven't actually cut someone's bollocks off, but I have done worse than that on two occasions without really thinking about it," being once of his choicer reminiscences.
They prefer to dine on choicer, rattier meats of seals and sea lions.
If women were admitted to the Columbia Law School, [the faculty] said, then the choicer, more manly and red-blooded graduates of our great universities would go to the Harvard Law School
What this means for the average New York City apartment dweller," observed Louise Merman, senior vice president of Marketing and Economic Development for the New York Power Authority, "is that he/she will have a choicer of supplier and an opportunity to save on monthly bills.
Most shoppers at Marks & Spencer use the store as a top-up for choicer items and shop elsewhere as well.
Take-or-Pay type contracts is the best choicer in case bulk power is sold to a public sector utility, against IA concession.
Rand, whose philosophy of Objectivism helped found today's libertarian movement, was, however, an impassioned abortion choicer.