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Although it is specifically noted that Abel brought the choicest of the firstlings of his flock (Gen.
Overall Stefan's book shows that there's also hope for culinary writing, which aspires to more than how to choose the choicest ingredients or the best restaurants.
Buried treasures; finding and growing the world's choicest bulbs.
They were at their best in the work's lengthy Gloria which offered the choicest of melodies from the young Puccini.
There are multimedia projections, including film clips and plenty of Fisher's choicest tabloid headlines.
Some of God's choicest servants over the centuries have been those who struggled with limitations and disabilities.
I was in charge of a group of soldiers and, on May 8, 1945, the welcome news came early in the morning, confirmed by my superior officer who declared an end to work and the issue of the choicest of our food rations and the unending supply of beverages of alcoholic content
Owing to the dairy industry's extensive reliance on artificial insemination using semen from only the choicest bulls, this Holstein population is heavily inbred.
The people of God are called to set aside the choicest of the crop for God even before they do any other harvesting at all.
Unilever's household tea favourites, Brooke Bond D and Choicest, have been acquired by Global Tea and Commodities in a deal involving the Birmingham office of law firm Cobbetts.
and hand picks some of the choicest pieces for The Diamond Vault.
What they've shared is a frenetic kudos season--detailed in the January issue--and one of the year's choicest goody-bags courtesy or Hermes.