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Native of Heav'n, for other place None can then Heav'n such glorious shape contain; Since by descending from the Thrones above, Those happie places thou hast deignd a while To want, and honour these, voutsafe with us Two onely, who yet by sov'ran gift possess This spacious ground, in yonder shadie Bowre To rest, and what the Garden choicest bears To sit and taste, till this meridian heat Be over, and the Sun more coole decline.
We can recommend this house to our readers as one of the most liberal in OUR city, (by the way the editor who wrote this article didn't own a foot of the town, or of any thing else,) and as possessing a very large and well selected assortment of the choicest goods.
When the princes are mixing my choicest wines in the mixing-bowls, they have each of them a fixed allowance, but your cup is kept always full like my own, that you may drink whenever you are minded.
How evidently he belongs to the best society," said she to a third; and the vicomte was served up to the company in the choicest and most advantageous style, like a well-garnished joint of roast beef on a hot dish.
We gathered in with its sheaf of fragrant days the choicest harvest of childhood.
Much concealed goodness and power is never dreamt of; the choicest dainties find no tasters!
Women know that, the choicest of them: a little fatter a little leaner-- oh, how much fate is in so little!
The event will see prominent poets from both countries share the stage and recite their choicest couplets.
The actor's choicest dishes find mention in the menu that has been assembled by Tabrez Sheikh, former chef of Radisson London.
They prayed Allah Almighty to bless the martyrs with the choicest place in Jann'ah and grant courage and fortitude to the families of the victims as well as to the nation grieving on this tragedy.
He said both so called revolutionary leaders wanted to impose their choicest systems.
Every gallery was filled with the choicest works of art the county could furnish, also the museum.