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A dog amazed its owners and a vet with its strange taste in snacks by swallowing a 16-inch metal choke chain.
The choke chain had probably been around the dog's neck since she was a puppy and had not been adjusted.
But just when all on-lookers were waiting for the choke chain to tighten like a noose around her neck, Novotna summonded up deep reserves of courage and composure to waltz through the ensuing time break.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Iron Choke Chain And Nylon Muzzle for the implementation of "Rabies free Kerala-Vaccination Campaign" programme for the Department of Animal Husbandry for the year 2015-2016.
If you're the type who actually looks at future odds, wouldn't it now be worth taking the Atlanta Falcons, presuming they won't have the Michael Vick choke chain around their neck, at the 50-to-1 shot they are on Bodog.
She had a collar and a choke chain around its neck.
The guy who strains at the edge of his technical area as if there's a choke chain around his neck.
A stray female dog showed up a couple of weeks ago at a house near Marcola, where an observant rescuer noticed that the Burmese Mountain mix had a rusty choke chain embedded in her neck.
Shocked RSPCA officers are urging people to shop the owner after the German shepherd was found in severe pain wearing a choke chain which had not been adjusted and was embedded in its skin.
QMY German Shepherd pup won't stop pulling on his lead, even though I use a choke chain.
The dog was wearing a red plastic flea collar and a choke chain with a black plastic lead.