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Market demand is increasing for high-frequency choke coils used in HDMI interfaces and compact HDMI terminals for the new high-definition digital video cameras entering the market.
However, reducing the size of the wire-wound inductor (functioning as a choke coil to prevent or limit AC while allowing DC to flow) increases resistance and reduces the efficiency of the DC-DC converter.
New 12mm x 12mm Power Choke Coils for High Current Automotive Applications
Using new precise winding technology Murata can deliver a low cost common mode choke coil that meets the performance needs of Universal Serial Bus (USB), FireWire/IEEE 1394, Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) and other high-speed digital interfaces.
The second series, DLP31D is also small (1206 size), but utilizes Murata's innovative Film Technology to produce a two-pair common mode choke coil array.
The new high-speed interfaces such as IEEE1394 (Firewire), USB, and LVDS are ideal for this surface mount common mode choke coil.
Tenders are invited for Choke Coil Type B For Signal Rail Track Circuits On 25Kv, 50Hz Ac Electrified Sections As Per Rdso Specification No Irs S-65/83 Amendment-3
He concluded, “IndustrialCOOP recently added new lines of power supply systems and equipment to its directory in effort to bring users a broader range of energy savings solutions such as connectors, receptacles, lithium polymer & lithium ion battery charger, circuit breakers, electrical supplies, AC & DC outputs, AC, DC & surge protected power supplies, cable knock-outs, choke coils, fuses, transformer shelf & load center as well as various types of generators such as gas, natural gas, diesel and LPG.
3 dB of loss is due to contributions from the copper loss of the microstrip lines, reverse-biased diodes, choke coils and capacitors.