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Continue with this kind of negative self-talk and, by the time breakfast rolls around, you'll barely be able to choke down your Cheerios.
Yesterday, when I went home to choke down a hurried meal before tearing off to the Canim Lake house church service at Eagle Creek, Linda met me at the door with a worried look.
He forces the average would be active citizen to choke down that sour persimmon, then feeds him the ripe plum that "surrendering one's voice is perhaps the surest path to advancement among those outgunned when politics is reduced to hyperindividualism.
To do this choke down the shaft a little,(grip further down the shaft).
I would have to choke down my point-eight hours of "A" time and like it.
Regardless, you choke down breakfast, undercooked because there are no modern, efficient cooking appliances and fuel is precious.
About that same grandfather ordering a barrel of live oysters shipped from New Orleans at Christmas time and giving each of his three daughters a quarter for every raw oyster they managed to choke down.
The Bonus: If you can't seem to get enough fiber from food, FiberChoice offers a convenient way to get additional fiber without having to swallow horse pills or choke down slimy solutions.
But I look at you and know that you will be my man and you still don't know it and I stifle a laugh and don't say anything I choke down words.
3 "Junge Szene 1998" (Wiener Secession, Vienna) While Europe is subjected to endless rounds of club-scene and ambient art, and gruesome group shows like the Berlin Biennale force us to choke down more pop cuteness for the sake of cuteness, curator Kathrin Rhomberg succeeded with many of the same artists - like John Beck and his obsessive cages and treehouses-cum-architectural-critique.
She managed to choke down a fermented duck egg, an ostrich anus and lamb's testicles, known as bush oysters.