choke off

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We pledge to work together to deliver real results in combating the scourge of the financing of terrorism,'' the ministers said, referring to an ''integrated, comprehensive action plan'' they have developed to choke off funds to terrorists and their associates.
He said too large an extra budget would spawn a surge in long-term interest rates and threaten to choke off an early recovery.
this substance could be choke off blood to all cancer tumors in humans.
Since the typical post-war business recovery has lasted over four years, it's pretty c]ear that rising interest rates do not immediately choke off an economic expansion.
WASHINGTON: Regimes that choke off citizens' access to the internet to try to quash pro-democracy movements in the Arab world are running scared and fighting a losing battle, a US diplomat said Wednesday.
The wildfire rage - flaring in dozens of places at the same time - further strained Assad's security forces and military as they also try to choke off a refugee wave into Turkey.
Many small shops are struggling and paying for parking could potentially choke off any recovery and lead to the closure of more shops.
Summary: NEW ORLEANS, July 14, 2010, SPA -- BP froze activity on two key projects Wednesday meant to choke off the flow of oil billowing from its broken well in the Gulf of Mexico after days of moving confidently toward controlling the crisis.
The spike could also choke off recovery in developed Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, it added.