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Another way of looking at choke is from the perspective of pattern efficiency expressed as the percentage of a shot charge that should hit with in a 30" circle at 40 yards.
The Briley "Turkey Super Full" choke tube is available for all popular shotguns, and it even comes packaged together with a informative video that explains the performance of this unique choke.
If the new evidence throws a crimp into your thinking about chokes, don't fed bad.
In single-barrel, fixed choke guns, the solutions have been numerous.
My testing was conducted with a Winchester Super X3 and a Remington 870 Express chambering two different chokes.
One was a maker of specialty chokes, and they had one on hand for her Beretta.
Shooters opted for stiff loads of Hevi-Metal BBs, but stayed with the mid-range Hevi-Shot chokes.
The 12-gauge Longfowler side-by-side and 12-gauge Longfowler over-and-under shotguns feature 30-inch barrels, a single trigger, IC and M chokes, a brass bead sight and a 14 1/2-inch length of pull.
The graph above shows results from test patterning a Winchester Super X3 with loads of Blind Side through several different choke tubes.
For multiple chokes, each choke area is selected using the weight calculated by dividing the sum of the weight of the castings and risers by the number of chokes.
Locally, arundo is a bamboo-like grass that's highly invasive because it chokes up the river and crowds out the native species like willows and cottonwoods,'' said Ian Swift, biologist at the Placerita Nature Center.
Passive coaxial chokes [22] (current equalizers) Ck1 and Ck2 (with 20 turns wound around a magnetic core) assure nearly equal and opposite currents in the inner and outer conductors of the coaxial drive cables.