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That said, I have safely fired 12-gauge slugs in a vintage Full-choked Remington 870 shotgun; however, the Full choke did not provide optimal accuracy with all brands of slugs.
Interchangeable choke tubes have been one of shotgunning's greatest advancements.
The 12-gauge Longfowler side-by-side and 12-gauge Longfowler over-and-under shotguns feature 30-inch barrels, a single trigger, IC and M chokes, a brass bead sight and a 14 1/2-inch length of pull.
Belkin projects to boost output of power chokes of various types to 20-25 million units after boosting capacity of common-mode chokes to 10 million units in September this year.
Briley builds many of the chokes in other brands you might have used in the past, even if you didn't know they were the manufacturer.
The new Poly-Choke II series is made for shotguns that already have screw-in chokes.
Turkey chokes are usually stamped with their bore diameters, which is not the same as "choke constriction"
Stalks of arundo and sweet-smelling eucalyptus trees choke out the cottonwoods.
EPCOS has announced its CAN bus chokes in size EIA 1812.
Passive coaxial chokes [22] (current equalizers) Ck1 and Ck2 (with 20 turns wound around a magnetic core) assure nearly equal and opposite currents in the inner and outer conductors of the coaxial drive cables.
A spokesman for Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales said: ``When an individual chokes, the lungs and heart are in acute distress because they are getting no oxygen since the airways are blocked.