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Instead I held grimly to him, choking, ever choking, while his frantic struggles dragged me lower and lower toward the end of the chain.
Still reluctant to surrender his hold upon his prize, he beat futilely at the face of his enemy, but at last the agony of choking compelled him to drop the girl and grapple madly with the man who choked him with one hand and rained mighty and merciless blows upon his face and head with the other.
For several minutes they fought thus until the younger man succeeded in getting both hands upon the throat of his adversary, and then, choking relentlessly, he raised the brute with him from the ground and rushed him fiercely backward against the stem of a tree.
Virginia Maxon looked on in horror as she realized that her rescuer was quickly choking Dr.
She was nearly choking with sobs, and was unable to continue.
Enough, enough," exclaimed the faithful servant of the State, choking with emotion; "here is a certificate of solvency.
She was striking him in the face with her clenched fist, and now he was choking her.
I had the black emperor upon his back, and both my hands were at his throat, choking the life from him.
I do, too," nodded Pollyanna, again with that choking little breath.
he said with a choking voice, "Anna, for pity's sake
LAHORE -- Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) carried out a special operation by deploying sanitary workers and necessary gadgets at citys major choking points after heavy rain spell in order to make sure cleanliness in the city.
First aid charity St John Ambulance revealed more than four-fifths of West Yorkshire parents (81%) do not know how to save a baby from choking, despite four in 10 having witnessed such an incident.